Skill Valuation Scale


In order to make an impact you have to know what you’re capable of…

not just know what you have the “potential” to do or create. Why? Truth is there’s no solid confidence that can be built on thoughts or feelings of what can be accomplished over time. Solid confidence is built on clarity and ACTION. Potential is based largely on what we feel we can do, confidence is the opposite. This is important because feelings can change, facts don’t.

Knowing what something is like empowers you & makes you feel more competent to handle the circumstance you’re in. Having information AND insight from experience empowers you to create & communicate well. To make better decisions based on the season you’re in. Having understanding to come back to & reference in the mind, is powerful when nothing is ever guaranteed…

What is guaranteed to stand and can never be taken from you, are your experiences. With every experience comes greater capability. I’m going to teach to use what you have, start where you are and do what you can right now. We are beginning by putting in the work to connect all of what you feel are “crazy dots”. We are working to make a clear path where all of your passions, experiences, culture and skills come together uniquely to carve out your brand/business image. We’ll put our thing down flip it & reverse it like Missy... Don’t lie. You know you smiled lol.

We’re reversing the process so you take everything you love and boil it down to the one simple message that matters most. It will be easy to share and it won’t force you to choose just one thing. You get to express all the things you love without losing the impact or sacrificing one passion for another.


We’re moving through “The Art of Unlearning” so you can take all these dots and connect them into your message, content and marketing methods. All of which we’ll be breaking down in future lessons!

Your next Assignment:

Once you’ve downloaded your Skill Scale PDF and filled it in, screenshot it and post it in the progress category inside of the CTC Community Forum! Share your insights, aha moments and all of the details you’re thinking through as you refine your message and begin to come up with your concept aka your BIG idea.