Module 1 Introduction | Clarity


Without clarity there’s no confidence.


This doesn’t make sense when you first read this because you don’t need to be clear about every single thing you attempt to do. What it does mean is, you need to be clear about you. Clear about how you can handle things and how that translates to believing in yourself. This is essential as you put in the work, take risks & learn. You have a map of your message and the ideas of your concept beginning to flow because of the pre work. Now you’re going to finalize it on this worksheet & post it featuring the 3 pieces of content you’re going to create, demonstrate & share about inside the forum!


Redefining Your Success

Redefining success.png

Redefining Success | Identifying your gaps

Success is described as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. If we all have different lives, goals & purposes, why do we settle for someone else’s definition of “success”?
Let’s disrupt that pattern!

To make sure you’re achieving what you want, you have to be aware of what’s enough and what’s too much. You have to know what drives you, so you maximize energy & don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s the same for business. If you are noticing gaps, not getting results or coming up short, there are distinct reasons why.

Here are areas to pay attention to fill gaps personally & professionally:

  • Your mental & emotional energy levels dropping with certain tasks reflects on Self care & development.

  • Being stretched too thin between many tasks or ideas to execute reflects on Leadership & Team Building.

  • When your audience is watching but not engaging or buying reflects on Marketing.

  • Inconsistent KPI Metrics: Engagement, Views, Sales, Watch time & etc reflects on Operations & Finances.

  • Lack of self awareness, self mastery & confidence directly reflects on Mindset.

  • Not being able to communicate what you do and for whom with ease reflects on Marketing.

  • Your old customers are not coming back or referring you reflects on Value delivery, Support & Systems.

  • Not knowing your numbers: Profit, Pricing, Production fees reflects on Operations & Finances.

  • Having an abundance of experience but no position or authority in industry reflects on Mindset.

  • Using the same system, software & processes you used 3 years ago reflects on Operations & Finances.

  • Not having a cohesive image online via social media & offline reflects on Branding.

Once you’ve narrowed down the issues, you can put in the work to focus on and improve them. Share what areas you need to work on (or elevate as we transition into 2020) inside the progress category of the forum!

You’ll be learning about what drives & motivates you most in the next few lessons.
Don’t lose focus or momentum now!