Tree of C’s Content Formula

Getting yourself rooted and grounded so your brand & or business can grow…

Your message is key to helping you develop your concept as a brand or business.
Why? because it is your foundation that everything else is built on. It will help you to focus on the most important things you need to consistently be sharing or crating content on. Make sure you stay 10 toes down to the ground with the like minded people in your community and give you a reference point to come back to.

Why is a reference important? Without it, you begin to overwhelm yourself with overthinking about what will work or what will not! Overthinking is KRYPTONITE for a creative because it keeps you from taking action.

Ever seen someone with beautiful lipstick or shadow on but their foundation is peeling/sliding off? Yup. It’s unattractive & distracting. That’s what happen’s when you create apart from your message. It doesn’t attract the right people, doesn’t make a real impact and it doesn’t last long in the minds of people watching.

Remember this, if it doesn’t make sense, it won’t make dollars…

Case Study

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Your assignment:
Post the final draft of your concept & the 3 types of content you want to try creating (based on your brand/business) for feedback & development inside the Case Study category in the forum! Remember to outline the post in the format you see to the right with the type of content you’re choosing for each piece. Video, audio recording, or photo story. If you need help or have ?’s ask!

Example Message:
”Modeling the magic of beauty, self awareness & consciousness.”

Example Concept:
Magic manifested from the Inside Out

Example Context: Women who love to learn about enhancing their natural beauty & self awareness, have problems with confidence and want a role model, those wanting to embrace emotional intelligence & etc.

Video on building self awareness as you recover from low self esteem, podcast collaboration with an emotional wellness expert, photo shoot to model the different stages of healing you transition through, live video to document BTS of the shoot.


Download your PDF to fill out your Case Study Here


Concept Creating Insights & Help:

A few keys to create a concept & content that sticks. Make sure it is:

- Intellectually interesting and fresh
- Easy to follow & understand
- Speaking to their feelings, wants & needs
- Addresses their potential problem
- Makes people feel like they’ve discovered someone & or something new

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Content Creating Insights & Help

Conversation NOT just communication is the major key.
- People don’t want to feel like they’re talking to a wall. They want to be a part of communicating with other like minded people.

Use questions as prompts to fill gaps & maintain conversation between you & your audience.
- Questions you find yourself or your audience asking in multiple platforms.

Share parts of your approach that your competitors NEVER share.
It appears that there is something different, unique or of value if it’s never been shared before.

Remember your point of view & your like minded viewers
- Beauty as it relates to appearance or Beauty in light of educating people about wellness!

Have a content creating process to develop your thoughts & ideas, through & through!
- Use your primary passion categories to jump start your ideas.
- Align your secondary passion choice with one of your primary categories.
- Start fleshing things out by writing them down on paper or in an app to further develop.
- Talk it through with a person that represents your market & community for feedback.
- Develop everything like a good book - Have a Beginning, Middle & End.

Use education based marketing over traditional marketing:
- Teaching people what something does for you, why you love it & how it works creates conversation.
See #1 for the most important thing to remember again…

Defer to the type of learners your followers/audience are:
- Social learners (Working in small or large groups)
- Visual learners - Like my mom used to tell me… “ I can show you betta than I tell you. lol. SHOW!
- Kinesthetic learners - Those that work best when you demonstrate what to do as you do it.
- Auditory learners - Those who need to hear first, then see and touch to absorb.

Use Metaphors.
They are SO valuable because they make ideas & concepts easier to grasp!