The real question is what are you here to do? My intention is not just to make you look good on camera, be your creative “support” or to give you as much information as I can. It’s to educate and transform you so you can get out of your own way & begin to efficiently EXECUTE.

Execution over excuses, Effort over Ego is the name of the game!

Action Steps for your Pre Work Assignments are outlined for you below:


Gotta pay the cost to be the boss…

“Where have you beeeeeen?” In my Rihanna voice… lol. An even better question is where are you going? Do you know the steps you’ve already taken and where to find the next ones to take to get to your goal?

This is where a lot of us creatives get stuck! We’re putting pieces of our business together separate from a system that we can track & build a solid foundation on. I’m sure you’re thinking about so many questions already huh? *** wipes sweat off your brow*** If you don’t have answers, this part of the pre-work will make the initial part of foundation you need to build on, clear for you.

We’re going to begin by getting you crystal clear on all the things that make your Image solid, so it translates beautifully through what you do personally as well as professionally.

Below is the new enrollment form as well as the quiz that help you get clear on where the big picture lies within you inside and outside of your industry. The more aware you are of your self, the closer you get to self mastery. It is my firm belief after over 13 years as an entrepreneur that self mastery is the key to success as a creative!

Seasons & Stages | Group Member Form

Identifying where you are in your stage of growth helps you to understand where you are going. It also helps you focus on the nature of the work you need to do next to level up. Every season and stage has a beginning & an end. When you begin to recognize the beginning from the end, you’ll start anticipate & strategize your next best moves to keep growing! Filling out this form will help us to stay in touch & keep you on track.

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16 Personalities.png

Your personality is the only one that matters…

This quiz will as they say, help you get a “freakishly accurate” description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. Which is key to determining the best group of people you can work well with & for. If you’ve taken it before, here’s an opportunity to try & confirm your results again!

Once you have your results, post them inside of The Forum under the Pre-Work category.

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If you’re the extra curious type of creative… and you have a bit of time
on your hands, check out this fun quiz too!