C..O.R.E. Community, Culture & Archetype

Creative Archetypes at a Glance

Best way you can understand what type of business structure & revenue model fits you and your goals, is to understand your Creative Archetype! It helps you to understand what drives & consistently motivates you to take action & create for your community. Once you’ve identified your archetype, don’t forget to post which archetype you know you fall under with all your other insights inside of the forum!

Understanding what’s so different about you and why it matters most to the way you build community…

You are the example that others are following or seeking to learn from. The captain of your community of people as a brand or the thought leader that facilitates the movement your clients AND community will create.

Communities are groups of people that come together based on passions, ideologies, philosophies, backgrounds and so much more. You don’t want to focus too much on what brings others together but what connects you to the things you love and believe in. Why? because that’s what sets you apart from others. It automatically makes your unique perspective on things stand out. This is why confidence is so important - because you have to creating content then share! It all begins & ends with you, how passionate you are about it & how you do it. You matter and so do the people that follow you, no one is more important than the other in a healthy community.

Here are some examples of what brings communities together (and how business can spread like wildfire through them!):

- Religious beliefs
- Natural Disasters
- Diet & Nutrition
- Feminism
- Moral Good
- Education
- Self Development



Once you’re locked into what matters MOST in your community, people that believe in, are passionate about and live by those same values, ideologies or have that same background will find you & your work.

The effects of that type of connection in business turn into wide spreading of your ideas, new & return clients, word of mouth, referrals & support!

Your background (no matter how varied or all over the place it seems) should not be treated as a weakness. It is one of your greatest strengths as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. It will allow you to shine like a diamond.



Some things to remember when you’re building a community for your brand or business:

- Everyone will not always buy or invest with you
- Having your own unique perspective (concept) is necessary to stand out in a crowd or saturated market
- Each person that interacts with you should not be treated the same way (marketing should be segmented)
- Marketing is best divided between the front end & the back end of your business (Content vs Email list)
- People are more educated than they used to be, so you need to educate & demonstrate your value consistently

Using your perspective, ideas & background to connect with people is the key. That key unlocks the Impact your Image will make on your people. This reflects on your ability to make a profitable income and to spread your unique message even further. You are what connects everyone that loves you to everything you love to do. It moves from who you are personally to how you operate professionally from one person (& market) to the next.

What’s even better? You’ll have stories & a background that they’ll already connect with!
This is Confidence That Converts… you can share & create freely knowing it already works.

So, you don’t have to be an expert in any subject. You already ARE an expert in your life, perspectives as well as your experiences. You have valuable skills you can use right now to help you get your point across. You get to be a work in progress & help others become better (with your lessons & insight) as you do along the way.


Your story, passions, skills & experiences make you an expert on how you achieved a particular result or outcome in life. That is what helps you to identify people who are like minded. Use yourself as a template to identify people who: think like you, communicate like you, have a personality similar to or different from you (that you may want to enhance or downplay) have buying patterns that make them want to pay for things in store to have something now or are overwhelmed by people - so they buy online like you, listen to the same music, podcasts or read books like you - you get the point. People like you then (5 to 15 years ago), now in 2019 & 2020 as you learn to grow & build towards better, or like the you, you really want to be, in the future. This also helps you create a great sales strategy!

Ideal CORE Client Profile

Download your Ideal CORE Client Profile here fill it in and really get started on drafting/creating content.