Focus & Follow Through Formula

The key to managing your tasks, time & workload in & out of business…

If you want to make an impact that creates many opportunities for you to make income, your effort & approach to executing your work - even your content creation needs to focused. It’s easy to focus on the creative bits and fly by the seat of your pants as you do it because that doesn’t require a lot of thought. However, that doesn’t work when it’s time to get down to business for real.

The art of winning in business is working hard - not taking things too seriously.


Creative Task Master Guide

It’s important to give yourself grace in some moments where you find yourself too stretched thin and then to push yourself in others. That’s what the creative task master guide will help you to measure & monitor as you learn how to manage your tasks & measure your productivity from day to day.



Bankable Biz & Brand | Model & Map

Gotta know where you are in order to map where you’re headed to. Get acquainted with this GPS so you can drive & act with intensity, confidence & clarity.

Download the Stages of Development at a glance PDF here. It will help you determine if your current actions & data truly align with the stage or phase of development you believe you’re in now.


Your next CTC Assignment:

- Fill in your Ideal CORE client profile
- Identify what stage of development you’re in
- Review & Fill in your Task Master Guide

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