GO P.r.o. Beauty Series

The online comprehensive guide to building your beauty brand, artistry & business!


Professional Tools & Techniques

Tools help you to paint, techniques helps you to create art! As a professional, you need to know and understand why one tool or technique can make all the difference in your application & work!

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Product Knowledge

What separates the beginner from the novice and the novice from the expert is experience & depth of knowledge. Understanding not only your tools & techniques but also how your products work (better yet what they’re made of) will help you to educate your clients at the same time you market yourself to them in a unique way!

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Kit Building

A true professional is marked not only by their tools but more so their techniques. That’s not an excuse to not be as well prepared to take care of clients as you possibly can be!


Build your kit flow

Build your Kit for flow & speed

Build your kit pt 1

Build your Pro & ER Kit

Build your kit pt 2

Build your Pro & ER Kit pt 2

Skincare & Skin Prep

Details on all the “foundation” and fundamentals good skin care & skin prep (there is a difference lol) are built on!


About that base Kerlessa

About your base | Skin Prep

Skin care color & coverage

Skin prep/care for different types

Makeup for your skin type

Makeup for dry skin types

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Nothing can stand through the test of time without being laid down on a solid foundation. Master laying down a “solid foundation’ and nothing can stop you as you build your brand & business!


All About that base

All About That Base

Beautiful Blending

Beautiful Blending

Secrets to setting makeup properly

Secrets to setting makeup properly


Flawless Natural Foundation

Flawless Natural Foundation

Full Demo Mature Skin

Full Demo Mature Skin

Setting concealer properly

Setting Concealer Properly

Brows & Eye Shadow


Shaping brows

Shaping Brows

Shadow Symmetry

Symmetry in Shadow

Shadow Demo

Shadow Demonstration

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Branding & Business Insights


Finding your following

How to speak, identify &
find your following

Pro Artist DeShawn Hatcher

Interview w/ Pro Artist
DeShawn Hatcher

Ready Set Run your Business

Get Ready, Set now Run your Beauty Business LIVE


Interview with Pro Artist 
Melissa Street

Interview with Pro Artist
Melissa Street

10 Things I wish I knew…

10 Things I wish I Knew…

Behind the Brand | Multi-passionate Work

Behind the Brand |
Multi-passionate Work

New Content Releasing September 30th!


Live Tutorials


Mature Skin Lesson

Mature Skin Live

Understanding your Undertone

Understanding your Undertones

Highlighting & Contouring

Highlighting & Contouring


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