Frequently asked Question’s

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Do you need my help?

Well let’s find out my creative friend… wondering what to say and do to get people to recognize your value? Having a hard time deciding & understanding the next best steps to take to really elevate your income profitably? Fighting through how to communicate in a clear & confident way, that shows you’re committed to impacting people? Does doing all of the above online or on camera for the first time make you sweat… ?

If so, I’ve got you covered. Think of me like the solid foundation that lasts on your face or the foundation you want to build under your business solid… I was made to make your Image shine.


I’ve positioned myself here to fix the foundation you know no longer supports you, but struggle to let go of. You won’t let go because you don’t know what will work or better yet, what will work specifically for you. When you work with me, it’s all about helping you master the art of developing your creative business, personally & professionally. First place we begin is with your clarity, as it determines your confidence!


My work is designed to develop these 3 key areas:

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Never knowing where you fit in and trying to build something that you’ve never seen done before can make you feel crazy. If you’re trail blazing your own path with all passion but no fire, tools or a map, it won’t be long before you’re burned out. You’ll be wondering if you’ve missed steps, why you’re putting in so much work but seeing no results or income. You’ve worked hard to acquire the experience but are stuck around translating it with impact; online, offline & on camera. Even if you’re doing something unique, you need the direction & focus to execute the fundamentals. Feelings are valid but here we align them with facts to build based on data, systems & insight that’s clear. That is what allows us to be creative & stand out.


Some of the ways I help to develop creative entrepreneurs like you are through:

The free video resources & minutes to master classes on my social media platforms, live webinars & live workshops that I host for my IMG Community, events here in my hometown of NYC, digital info products, consulting services as well as my signature program, Confidence that Converts.

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The goal has always been to help creativepreneurs like you to understand, see and learn to communicate your value unapologetically. You can’t demonstrate what you don’t understand and you need to be able to back up your impact with the facts found in your systems & processes. If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to connect your creative & administrative dots, I’m sure to help you to bring the pieces together in the “big picture”.


"Candace excels at connecting the dots between your passions & purpose. She helped me overcome my time management & productivity issues, fear of public speaking & networking. I’ve increased my salary by over $50,000 since working with her and applying her education to my life."

- Brikea Williams


I’ve worked tirelessly for over 13 years different creative industries. The experiences & actions I’ve taken are what make me confident. I want you to feel confident too, not just in appearance but also down to the substance of who you are.


“My perception about myself as an artist, the approach to my artistry and everything has changed simply because of her. I’ve gone from creating experiences to an expert because of her. That has to do with how she breaks down everything for you; how to communicate, how to approach your business, how to do all these things. I’ve learned so much. The info she gives will help you from a practical perspective as well as personal.”

- Asha Pollard


Think of this process like those moments when you catch your reflection in the mirror after a long day & see you’re still groomed & looking sharp. Your business should have the same affect on you… it should reflect beautifully on everything you do. Here we focus on the fundamentals, we make it our business to have fun & find the beauty in everything that you do too.


  • My clients spend upwards of $1600 to work with me inside of my signature program and more for exclusive events/private offers.

  • I am located in NYC (Finally back home after about 12 years in Miami)

  • I have a very particular set of skills… skills I’ve acquired over a very long career. Just not to kill people, to help develop them in business. lol. Skills in beauty, fashion design, sewing, photography & more…

  • Nothing else in this world gives me greater joy than my daughter & family. NOTHING. Bread mayyyybe but gluten doesn’t love me lol.

  • I teach about a variety of things that develop creatives building a brand & or a business. Image & beauty, honing your message, personal style, creating content, communicating with confidence, creating products & services, pricing for profit, working well on camera & more.

  • My greatest gifts are teaching & speaking, clearly I’ve got lots to say!

  • God has given me the greatest purpose & sense of intrinsic value.

Thanks for meeting me here to chat in the FAQ’s! Feel free to contact me to help you build,
grow or rebuild your unique brand and or business creatively.