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Welcome to the Confidence That Converts Program!

You’ll see it again & again throughout this program that our goal is not just to inform you but to transform you into your best self, not someone else. All so you can operate your brand and or business with clarity, confidence & certainty.

You’ll learn exactly how I’ve been able to help creative business owners at various levels find their unique position, key focus and achieve their goals. All to make the biggest IMPACT on their needs and inside of their current stage of business.

We’ll have a Live Impact Call additional to daily check ins so you can get your questions answered quickly & keep the momentum moving. Transformation requires you to take action, action that stems from implementing what you’re learning. That’s what this program is all about!

Here’s exactly how it will work: 

3 Core Modules: Within this platform, you’ll receive access to the 3 Core Modules and bonus lessons that support what is taught inside of each module. Each module is designed to follow the next in succession. Skipping steps leads to gaps you’ll never be able to fill in your business! All of which wastes more of the time you don’t have & demotivates you from continuing. Stay on track, it’s creatively designed to help you avoid that which disrupts & delays your progress.You’ll get ‘Guidebooks’, concise videos & receive the information & practical insights needed to consistently elevate your influence & impact personally & professionally.

Live Mapping & Mentoring Support Sessions: These sessions make sure you have insight that makes the information you’re learning practical & easy to apply should get stuck during implementation. you have a support session through each of your stages & phases of learning. Experience is what makes you an expert and my intention is to show you what you’re truly capable of when you are clear on who you are & what you can really do.





August 15th: Orientation|
Group Live Session

August 29th: Platform Opens for Official Registration

September 1st: Group Live Session | Follow Up

September 5th:
Group Live Session | Follow Up

September 12th:
Group Live Session | Follow Up

September 19th: Wrap & Recap |
Follow up Live

The CTC Group Forum runs 24 hours/7 days a week

Additional Support is complementary from week 9 - 12 (Just days shy of the 90 day standard for implementing, creating new habits & flow states in & out of business)





Add those dates into your calendar right now. This will help you to begin to prioritize & block your time so you can move through implementation smoothly. This will ensure that you consistently get the most out of this program.


Join the private forum.  Introduce yourself & share your initial outcome goals with other group members! (Request to join the group and we’ll give you access as quickly as possible. Typically within 10 hrs) 

In order to make every post in our community valuable to all members, please be sure to read the Community Guidelines in the pinned post. 


Finally, download the CTC Creative Task Master Guide.

It is sure to make sure you stay on task, on topic and keep the way you run timing for your business & personal life tight! Welcome again to the program!