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One that makes your Image look good and makes you great at consistently elevating your Impact & Income. A way to develop, grow & or rebuild your business that no one can imitate or replicate. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now, but your next level is going to require more. The way to transition from where you are to where you want to be is to become intentional about your image, it’s impact & the income it generates as profit. You also have to be aware of what stage of business you’re in so you can map the next best steps to get to where you want to be.

If you’re working & not getting better results it’s because you haven’t unlearned what no longer works for you…


want better results? you need new capabilities.

Unlearning what no longer works makes you clear on what you’re capable of & what to focus on as you develop. This frees you to implement new strategies, systems & sequences that better fit the direction your business heads in. The end result is greater focus, enhanced capabilities & an upgrade in your productivity & profitability. All or which translate seamlessly through your marketing & creating content consistently. Building a business on your unique passions, skills & experiences allows you to create anything at a new level & with a built in market; a book, a product line, service based biz, membership community, a course or program - anything, with energy to do it consistently.

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it’s not you, it’s what you have been taught and trained to do.

If you’ve been stuck at the same level, unsure of what to do next, are making mistakes that have
left you without profit & are unclear about developing personally or professionally, you believe you’re the problem. It’s outdated teaching, strategies & methods that don’t fit your image, brand & purpose that keep you from getting results. I can tell you with certainty that you’re not the problem… but you’re never
going to believe that until you learn what the real problems in your business are.


Now that you know the problem isn’t you, it’s time to tackle what it is. With the right training & teaching, here’s who you have the ability to become:

- The business owner that has transformed past the unprofitable "plateau" by focusing on what makes them unique & creates demand in their market.

- The creative that has uncovered a level of performance & productivity that puts inconsistency & being “all over the place”to rest forever.

- The business owner with solid communication skills that translate in your content & marketing. Marketing that meets your C.O.R.E. people right where they are & drives them into action as clients with you.

- The creative whose brand reflects a unique image no one can imitate. A reflection that speaks to the level of impact & income you long to create.

- The business owner that has the instinct to identify the problems & pains your community & clients are in. All so you serve them & simultaneously sell without coming across as sleazy.


You don’t need to take another class, you need to take action & implement…


You can’t use information to make yourself an expert. Experience makes an expert and expertise only comes by execution. Results don’t come by information but by transformation. You become equipped to work smarter by active implementation & execution of the info. That enables you to come the expert that can show & prove they know their stuff…. online, offline & on camera.

This is about becoming an authority that can skillfully move your audience with substance & style. Not sacrificing one for the other or losing your authenticity.

One of the most powerful things is to be is under-estimated because people will never see you coming. If you’ve been in business or creating for sometime and aren’t getting what’s “due to you”, this is your chance to pivot and get what’s yours.


You must learn how to communicate
your value in your industry


Why? because it enables you to increase your connection and impact with those you want to serve, sell to & create for.

The way you do that is by making sure you stick to these principles:

1. Be sure that everything you produce leads your unique community & clients to a clear outcome or result they want from you. Every time.

2. Educate them on how your unique methods & processes consistently help your community & clients to achieve or execute that result.

3. Stand by your unique message so firm that no one is confused about what you do and who you are as the messenger behind it all.

If you’re not getting the results, engagement or the sales you want, it’s because you are struggling to execute the above. What I have designed for you is going to transform your beliefs about what you’re capable of.


Introducing the…


An 8 week experiential learning program for creative & multi-passionate entrepreneurs. Designed to scale your business Image, Impact & Income.

Image created in 60 Days that produces greater Impact & Income. 

Imagine having the know how as well as the confidence needed to build your business to the next level. A stand out message you believe in that is cohesive in your content & marketing. An Image that generates income without you or your clients overthinking it. If you're a skilled creative new to entrepreneurship or an entrepreneur struggling to elevate past your income “plateau” with confidence, this program is for you.

This program is the better way to build business designed for you.

We are laser focused on developing your certainty in your self & your capabilities so you have all you need to execute!

"Candace excels at connecting the dots between your passions & purpose. 
She helped me overcome my time management & productivity issues, fear of public speaking & networking. I’ve increased my salary by over $50,000 since working with her and applying her education to my life.
- Brikea Williams

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You can't have what you don't see… identification with your potential future is key. Getting crystal clear on your greatest skills/gifts and who you want to serve must be identified before anything is created. The program is designed for you to experience (not just learn) the training, resources and the tools you need to make better decisions more often. That’s what makes it different. It trains you to select the combined strategies, structures & sequencing that will fit best and scale your creative business beautifully.




Additional Bonuses for CTC Members who pay in full today:

Brilliant Minds* Jump Start Live Session $500 Value
Winning at Live Webinars & Workshops $350 Value
2 month free trial of Easy Webinar Software!

CTC Eliminates overwhelm & overthinking your steps…

- Atima Lui, Founder & CEO of My Nudest.png

CTC helps you learn how to communicate your
unique value in your market…


“My perception about myself as an artist, the approach to my artistry and everything has changed simply because of her. I’ve gone from creating an experience to an expert because of her. That has to do with how she breaks down everything for you; how to communicate, how to approach your business… how to do all these things. I’ve learned so much. The info she gives will help you from a practical perspective as well as personal.”

- Asha Pollard



Who this program is not for:

- Those comfortable with achieving whatever they can when they feel like it, in the moment.
- Those who fly by the seat of their pants, refuse to adopt a process & plan to help them execute.
- Those unwilling to be vulnerable & do the work as they go through the process.
- Those who don’t want to grow & develop personally as well as professionally.
- Those who are more interested in just making some extra money.
- Those just deciding to start in a brand new industry with no skills, experience or expertise.
- Those not interested in upgrading their understanding, communication their value delivery.
- Those looking to: follow someone else’s steps, use any old system or strategy they can “make” work.

CTC helps you Create services/products that Sell & Serve your audience & clients…

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What you’ll receive today for this special offer:

Full Access to the Experiential learning Program:
The comprehensive, step by step actionable guide to building, growing
or restarting your Creative Business in less than 60 Days.

Access to the private Platform & Community:

The support you need 24/7 with information & insight from peers & special guest instructors. Off of social media & in a private learning environment.

The Teaching, Training & Coaching:
Not just the information but the insight presented in multiple formats.
This is immersion & experiential learning that allows you to implement every lesson with consistent guidance & insight to correct yourself. The goal is to elevate your performance while reducing your risk of error.



Additional to a 2 month free trial of the Easy Webinar software & Platform! Perfect to help you get started.

Bonuses for CTC Members who pay in full:

Brilliant Minds* Jump Start Live Session $500 Value:
The jump start to your progress in a live 2 hour session with me! This will enable you to get right to work and get accelerated results within the first weeks of enrolling into the CTC Program.

Winning at Live Webinars & Workshops $350 Value:
What you need to become a better educator when teaching a webinar & sharing live on camera. With the framework that will help you create your best content.

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Use your unique Image to stand out, setting you & your work apart…

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Make consistent profitable Income from your unique Impact…

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CTC Shows you how to have Focus, Certainty & Direction with your creative business…

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make the most of all you do as a multi-passionate entrepreneur & creative.


This program is 3 phases that comprehensively walk you through how to build, grow or restart a brand & or solid business that reflects all of what you uniquely do. Your multiple passions are organized under one pretty powerful message within a unique method & manner to spread in all the ways you love. That’s what allows you to stay flexible, communicate & connect with people about what you do, who you do it for & what it means to you over time.

Due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds permitted without proof of implementing the work provided module by module in the first 2 weeks of official enrollment. Participation inside of the private forum & platform, attendance with the Q&A live sessions. Provided you’ve done all of the above without getting results, a one on
one clarifying consultation/live session will be provided first and if the problem
preventing results is not yet resolved, a 100% refund will be issued.