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The goal is simple: To help you unlearn the things you've continued to do that dull your shine as a creative brand & entrepreneur. Every detailed video lesson is designed to elevate & polish your image, sharpen your focus & direction while showing you how to confidently present your best self. There’s one way to do that and it’s to show up uniquely as you are on the way to who you're becoming! Register to receive access to the resource page, available for a limited time, while you can.

Your Professor

Candace Sheppard is known online as The Imaging artist
and has been an entrepreneur for over 13 years. The creator of Confidence that Converts, Candace teaches creatives to create an Image that produces major impact and income in business. By giving creatives clarity, systems, sequences & strategies to elevate their craft, message and visibility.

She is well known for her skills as an educator, as a speaker, image expert and consultant. She’s worked with professional productions at: MTV, VH1, WeTv, New York Magazine |The Cut as well as with private clients from all over the world. Her goal is to help transform creatives so they can move from confused to confident; Online, Offline & On camera.