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Target Client | Target Market

- Multiple Videos
- 1st 3 videos were marketing, 4th about presenting the offer
- Shaping your perspective, transforming your beliefs so you would see enormous value
What was offered that generated the opt in was The IDEA behind all of the content
- The content that got fulfilled through the funnel
- What is the MOST valuable thing you could put in their hands in terms of information?
- How would they see it as valuable to them at their stage?
- Quantify what would speak to them most as a resource, alleviate problems AND QUICKLY establish many new beliefs for them… beliefs that you have the juice.

Don’t rely on call me culture anymore... Educate them through the marketing that leads up to the call - video preceding it breaking down what is discussed. Offering insights NO ONE else does. What you give fulfills on the promise and establishes the value of what they will want to do next. Explain benefits, explain the value of the call with components and pieces they get before the call - makes them grateful for what they came to you for.

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Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles
and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.
— James Dyson
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Understanding your lists so the compelling ideas are FRESH & NEW for those coming into your funnels

Prospect Awareness
- Individual Awareness changes the content you create & how you begin to communicate the BIG idea

- Stage 1 No pain their trying to solve, not considering solutions, not aware they may potentially have an issue in future

- Stage 2 Feeling some of the effects, has crossed their mind that this needs to be addressed, unaware that you are the kind of person that can help or answer their problem

- Stage 3 Solution aware and are starting to explore different solutions

- Stage 4
Product aware - Chosen a particular route to take to get a solution

- Stage 5 MOST aware - This is your Customer base: They know you, like you, trust you… The gap is the smallest with those whom are most aware. Marketing should be in alignment with whom you’re trying to reach and the stage you’re in. At the top you can be direct - At the bottom you have to be more indirect and you have to educate at their level.



Expanding Ideas

Abstract to Reality Ruler
Testing it’s simplicity
Verifying their FAST understanding & acceptance of the concept

Validating Ideas

Monitoring the environment
Measuring responses
Checking in on engagement


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The Network being uncovered…

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