Candace Sheppard

The Imaging Artist

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polish your image

Your image as a creative won't translate through your appearance alone. It's also reflected in the products or services you create to sell. Let’s not forget your background & personality play a part too. All things combined add up to the unique reason why people respond to you or not. If things don't make sense, they won't add up to dollars either. Learn what you’re missing that will elevate your image & confidence as a biz owner below.


package your many skills

The way you creatively put things together determines how much impact you’ll have on clients & customers. You want to package your skills, experiences & passions well so people take you serious as a brand & business owner. You want to package your services and products as a gift your clients appreciate so they keep coming back to you. Get it right the first time because you're not guaranteed a second. Learn how & more below…


present with confidence

Presentation like your Image is everything. The way you present establishes you and your brand as an authority with credibility & real value. You want to be sure you put yourself as a business owner on a pedestal that lack of confidence can't ever knock you off of. Build a strong foundation that you can beautifully build on.