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Below are the complementary resources promised to you as a new member.

These resources were designed to help you fill in any gaps you may have with respect to your
Image & beauty routines. They were created so you can begin to really build a beautiful Image that makes an Impact. This page will be updated quarterly based on member feedback & requests.

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The Frame

All my beauty lovers, from beginner level through to advanced, should know that the brows are the frame of the face. They bring the most important feature - the eyes into focus. They also create balance and depth in a way that no other feature on the face can.


Feature Focus: Brows

A fast breakdown of how to fill in your brows in the most flattering and natural way. Focusing on shape, filling in gaps and maintaining your precision while working in different parts of the brow - from the head to the tail. Sadly, this pencil has been discontinued but out new FAVE is the Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Pencil! A full new demo is on the way soon…

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— Candace Sheppard

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Beauty for Women of Color

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There are some fundamental details people can easily miss when it
comes to customizing looks for their skin tone & color. We were so excited to add this breakdown to the bonus features here in the IMG Beauty Community because it will shed light on pretty powerful changes you can make to your product selection when shopping & your beauty routine!

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A beautiful breakdown on
working with your mature skin, mastering placement & defining a hooded eye. Exclusive replay from
a live Facebook Demo!



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There’s nothing that takes away that confident, boss like feeling then seeing your makeup move and shift off your face throughout the day!

Here’s an in depth group of demos that will help you to make sure you’re setting your makeup like a pro and making it last forever! Or until your work day is done…


There’s more to come! Stay close…