Getting started

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Step 1

Clarify the goal from point A to B to C…

  • Anticipate & Visualize the exact outcome you desire

  • Steps needed to get to the vision

    - Method to measure your progress - 30 60 90 day repetition rule*

    - STRONG Incentive for celebration after achievement

Step 2

Make the goal real

  • Address the conscious AND subconscious

  • Anticipate resistance & trip wires

  • Develop the ability to break feedback loops

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Step 3

Strategize the action steps towards the goal

  • Sanctioned set of time to stop AND measure growth & development between each of the steps

  • Customized accountability system:
    How’s your “makeup” wearing?
    Momentum building or slowed?
    Methodology to pick yourself back up?

Execution Over Effort

Get ready for the community wide 3 to 5 minute presentation!
#HPS Review with the main group of your work over the past 7 weeks!