P.P.I. Conference

The following is a more in depth breakdown of what you can expect at the conference in great detail!

PPConference Header.png


What will the live Beauty demonstrations focus on teaching?

- How to elevate your precision for flawless work in your artistry skills or daily makeup application.

- Live demonstration with Candace on 2 models of 2 different complexions & undertones *Caucasian And African American* to help you master matching & mixing skin tones & application on different face shapes.

- Professional techniques that enable you to understand the purpose of your tools, effectiveness of your products and how they all work together with your skills to master your image, craft & personal brand! 


What will the business sessions consist of?

- Learning how & why you need to combine All of Your passions with your purpose so you learn to create profit. 

- Live implementation of Candace's tested systems, strategies & content creation templates for business with Social media ( You will need to bring a laptop or tablet to work live with the group)

- Understanding how to:
 * break the "HABIT" of self doubt
 * Build your Clarity, Courage & confidence to sell yourself & services
 * Kill Overthinking & Self sabotage
 * Stop Procrastinating & elevate your productivity
 * Understand the behaviors you need to adopt to produce consistently.



Are All demonstrations and skill review sessions with Candace? 

Yes. Every single session with each individual participant is reviewed by  Candace.

Additional support will be provided by Candace's team (Personally trained & taught by her) to ensure quality work is being produced by all participants.

No one will miss their opportunity to speak with her and connect with her directly. 

VIP Attendees get to work with Candace hands on for an additional length of time for elevated individual results!

Do standard ticket holders receive the private lunch as well? 

No. Standard ticket holders will receive light refreshments only. 

A list of locations and lunch options in the area will be provided to attendees.

Only VIP Attendees will receive an invitation to the excusive lunch on site on March 10th & 11th.

Are the skill demos for VIP students different from demos for standard attendees?

Yes and the hands on portion working on your skills is greatly extended. Standard ticket holders are in session from morning to early afternoon. VIP Ticket holders remain for all sessions, at all times for both days.



What will the Bridal Beauty Demonstration consist of?

An in depth talk with professional Wedding biz Designer, Adrianne Harris, on pitching and building connections with vendors in the Bridal beauty industry.

Bridal Inquiry & Consultation review with Candace Sheppard to increase your bridal inquiries.

A full disclosure demonstration Candace's exclusive techniques on Proper skin prep, Pricing, waterproof/Bulletproof makeup application & how to walk your potential Brides through trial sessions that will increase your bookings by double!

What is the cost for me to participate n the bonus optional day on March 9th?
$297.00 ( Limited to 15 seats only)

What information is covered on the 9th?

1. exclusive demo on Understanding undertones, Color theory & precision with an additional model (not featured on March 10th & 11th)  

2. Hands on portion to work on your model to test what you've learned.

3. LIVE Q&A session, Kit review & technique overview with Candace

4. group shopping trip to NYC's best beauty stores!

Will I need to bring a model for all of the sessions? Even as a VIP Attendee?

Yes. If you want to book a model for the weekend, you can email Candace's Assistant to to do so for an additional fee. Assistant@candacesheppard.com to send your inquiry. 

What are the details around this group shopping session?

We will visit 2 locations in NYC to understand & reinforce how to build a quality personal and or professional beauty kit! Feel free to contact the team via email with any additional questions!