Confidence That Converts

The elite all inclusive program designed to help you as a creative woman with your clarity, confidence & communication.
Meticulously created & combined with all you need to help you build a unique brand message, image & business, confidently!

Clarity is what builds your Confidence...
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As creatives, we rely on what naturally comes to us in order to get things done, the thing is it's so "natural" to us, we become blind to our talent & skill when we do it. Once you become clear on what you do, better yet who you do it for, you can begin to assign value to it. The kind of value that doesn't diminish your esteem and enables you to really do business. 

The program is a 3 step system that comprehensively walks you through how to build a brand that reflects ALL of what you UNIQUELY do while allowing you to transition to doing business in a way that sells for you. Bonus? It eliminates overthinking and overwhelm while walking you step by step through taking action with impact. So you create freely...

Module 1:  Clarity | Creating a method to produce through your message
* Identifying your brand Concept, Context & Content

Module 2: Confidence |  Step into your multifaceted light to rise & shine
* Establishing your brand voice; Online, Offline & On Camera

Module 3: Communication | Learning to use your "keys" for connection
* Showing what you do just as well as you tell


Melanie Brown | CTC Program Member

It's one thing to know whom your target client is, but another to understand how to reach them. As a Bridal Artist, I realized there was still more work to be done. The CTC program has helped me to refine my brand by guiding me to be extremely specific about whom I want to serve. This will aid in my creating content that will continue to attract these clients & beyond! Candace, do you realize that I've made approximately $3600 in the last couple of weeks just in retainers only? I'm working for it to come in even more consistently.

Melanie Testimonial.png
Melanie Testimonial 3.png

Images above are of Melanie's transformed brand message AND website after working through the lessons & guidance provided by the CTC Program!

Confidence helps you to communicate...

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Schanica Pickens | CTC Program Member

This is all so genius! Candace, I just have to say that you truly have a gift. Thank you for creating a safe space to share and for helping me become more confident. I was apprehensive about going live and I did it. I did a live video with my current followers and I had over 200 comments! They are now asking me when I'm goign to start speakign and doign more lives! Thank you!

Schanica Testimonial.png

Communicating helps you to connect authentically.

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Lonnice Session | CTC Program Member (Owner of Slay to Getaway)

I'm so grateful for this program that Candace put together. I was stumped, not knowing where to begin. For the longest I've built everyone else's dream but never took the shot on myself to put my dreams into action. I knew if I got a few keys from her it could get the ball rolling. By far, it's been way more then expected yet everything God knows I needed. From getting a clear brand statement, to tips & tricks on sharing, creating conversations to draw your audience, making my website and that's just a few things. I'm so excited for what God has given her to share with others, so they can fulfill their God given purpose. 3 weeks into the program BEFORE I launched my site I was already getting inquiries AND being booked with pay up front! In short....SIGN UP! And watch your business unfold. 

Lonnice Testimonial.png

It's time for you to transform from a confused creative to a
confident chameleon. From multifaceted & multi-passionate to an
official personal brand & profitable professional business.


Here are the options to enroll:

Confidence That Converts Program | $1997

Includes all of the above with the following bonuses:
- Bonus course on building your signature course/program
- Group sessions with other members to optimize your networking skills, polish your
marketing plan & strategy for online & offline sales. 

No refunds are permitted due to the nature of the content & information that
is being provided inside of this interactive program.