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unique Image confidently…

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The Confidence that Converts Program

An interactive 8 week business program designed to elevate creativity, confidence & communication skills in creative entrepreneurs.

Imagine, within 8 weeks, having the know how & confidence needed to build & simultaneously promote your unique business. A stand out message you believe in & an image you’ve elevated that secures income without overthinking or being overwhelmed…

We are laser focused on developing your certainty in your self & your capabilities so you have all you need to take action & execute!

"Candace excels at connecting the dots between your passions & purpose. 
She helped me overcome my time management & productivity issues, fear of public speaking & networking. I’ve increased my salary by over $50,000 since working with her and applying her education to my life.

- Brikea Williams


Eliminate overwhelm & overthinking…

- Atima Lui, Founder & CEO of My Nudest.png

Learn how to access & communicate your
unique value in any marketplace…


“My perception about myself as an artist, the approach to my artistry and everything has changed simply because of her. I’ve gone from creating an experience to an expert because of her. That has to do with how she breaks down everything for you; how to communicate, how to approach your business… how to do all these things. I’ve learned so much. The info she gives will help you from a practical perspective as well as personal.”

- Asha Pollard


Create services & products that Sell & Serve

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What you’ll receive today for 50% off:

The Full In Depth Program:
Comprehensive look into building your
Creative Business Blueprint in less than 60 Days.

Access to the private Platform & Community:

The support you need 24/7 with information &
insight from peers & special guest instructors. Off of social media & in an exclusive environment.

The Training & Coaching:
Not just the information but the insight presented
in multiple formats. All for you to implement with consistent guidance & correction that elevates
your performance & reduces your risk of error.

Bonuses for CTC Members who pay in full:

Brilliant Minds* JumpStart Live Session:
The fast track to polishing your social media Image & presence on all platforms. Personal review of your SHINE content map & choose your primary platform.

Content Creation Accelerator:
An in depth look into how to teach & create your own content programs, courses & or membership groups for your community. Online, Offline & On Camera.


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Set yourself & your work apart

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Make Income from your unique Impact

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Have Focus, Certainty & Direction

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This program is 3 phases that comprehensively walk you through how to build a brand & a solid business that reflects all of what you uniquely do. Just not all at the same time. Your multiple passions are organized under one pretty powerful message you love. That’s what allows you to stay flexible, communicate & connect with people about what you creatively do.

Due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds beyond 14 days and without proof of implementing the work provided module by module. Participation inside of the private forum & platform, attendance with the Q&A live sessions. Provided you’ve done all of the above without getting results, a 1 on 1 session will be provided first and if the issue is not yet resolved, a 100% refund will be issued.