CCC Program

 The Copy & Content program

 for Creatives!

The program designed to give you focused Clarity to produce creative content and build an authentic audience!

All designed to develop your Confidence to market yourself via your varied creative skills.


It all started when...

I realized I wasn't the only one struggling with what the others, yes let's call them the "Others", were saying about how I needed to build a business. So many would say "You need a regimen." "A daily routine to help you organize the chaos you live in!" Then and only then will you be successful...


I'm so glad I didn't listen...

***Cue the bombs & fire in the background as I slide on my shades, leather and walk slowly away***

I wish the walk away from the conversation was that cool lol - Angela is a boss! But it wasn't. I ended up walking away deflated and feeling like I would never get to where I am today.

Where am I now you ask??? I'm happy to tell you.

A place where I can consistently create work & content I love. Supporting myself financially by creating with people I'm connected to. All without relying on the support of a full time death sentence, a.k.a. job. I did it because I refused to follow the conventional ideas and whitewashed strategies and instead chose to build the systems I always wanted but couldn't find. I spent lots of time (and tears #realtalk) perfecting my systems and now that I've got it down, I'm excited to share the systems that saved me and my productivity in this exclusive program with you! So you can have consistency, create solid income and have joy in what you create too...


Creativity is built on the art of connecting things...

Connecting what you have to who needs it, based on what you love and know they want.
Once you’re connected to who you are & what you want, the possibilities for your growth even in business, are limitless.
You cannot approach your work confidently if your clarity around what you do well and consistency is lacking...

Candace, the information you're teaching is built on the bulk of what I needed to build on as a foundation. This is helping me to  build at a steady yet sturdy pace, so I can absorb the information for longevity!

This education is priceless! Thank you and I appreciate you!

_ Artist, Lolly Valdes

I have gained so much knowledge that I will be implementing in my business (and even my personal life!) Candace imparts invaluable information and does a wonderful job breaking it down and making it plain. This course left me feeling equipped with steps I can put into action immediately. I was definitely given that push I needed! I promise you will not regret taking this class!

- Makeup Artist, Sarah Sims