She’s the Boss Series

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The Get Booked Guide | Communicating like a boss Launching Tuesday, May 14th!

The Video & PDF Guide that books clients for you…

The #1 reason we fail to connect with potential clients (and convert opportunities into sales) is because we can’t communicate clearly from the start of the process to the finish a.k.a close. Once you learn what to say, how to say it and have the system to present it confidently, you become a real boss.

The Creative Systems & Scripts video & PDF Guide was designed to give you direction (with several points of reference). It is ideal to use when you want to confidently communicate who you are, how you uniquely approach what you do & what you do clearly. Clients of mine past & present use it to make offers, pitch to collaborate with peers & brands, connect with potential clients & more.

Use it to eliminate overthinking, overwhelm and missing out on golden opportunities to expand & build your creative business.

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Behind the Brand | Live Session

It can be so difficult to understand how to build a brand that reflects all your passions as a creative! I’ve successfully built my own unique brand and helped hundreds to do the same too.

To help you elevate your brand, I’ve created an in depth look at 7 different multi-passionate brands (in various industries) to help you understand the art & science of creating your own stand out brand.

This video resource will serve as your guide to creatively combining your passions & content as a unique brand & business. Free access for all who subscribe to the IMG Community Newsletter!

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Public Speaking 101 |Video & PDF Guide Launching Tuesday, May 14th!

What do most people miss when trying to communicate or speak? In one word, Structure. Lack of structure when you speak, or teach, makes it difficult to connect to your audience. Especially on camera… you end up being misunderstood, dismissed or looking foolish when you know you have value to offer. That’s what fuels your fear…

Stop leaning into the fear that you can’t speak publicly; online, offline or even on camera. When you are clear on what to do, your confidence to execute becomes powerful. You transform from thinker to doer.

Public speaking 101 is designed to help you understand AND use the structure that effectively helps you communicate clearly. You’ll connect with your attempts to speak in a way that attracts your ideal clients & community.