Bold Blueprint | Unique Methodology

Making your own way… so your people follow as you lead.

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What is unique about what you’re doing? Time it’s accomplished or saves someone, Format, Metrics, Number of processes, Bundle, Name, Reporting method…

What is no one else talking about that can be proprietary in your process/methodology/approach?

Is there an aspect that you can expand on and creatively reformat to present to people?

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Creative Archetype

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ETG Marketing Method

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Your background -no matter how varied or ALL OVER THE PLACE it seems should not be treated as a weakness. It is one of your greatest strengths as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. it will give you ore adhesive to stick to your niched network - community and peers in industry. Changes in our paths are one of the prime sources of innovation - background in beauty that creates leverage with things I;m already doing - underutilized assets. How we develop unique BIG ideas makes way for you to bring your message into your community/space online & off.

Todd Herman: Sports - Business training (When he moved away from his Olympic background in marketing, conversions went down)

Candace Sheppard: Beauty - Branding & Business training (When I move away from the basics of beauty in my breakdowns, conversions shift as well too)

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Using your background to connect the dots with people. The methodologies are what are transferable. Especially when dots don’t “naturally” connect between markets - You bring them together.

It’s a form of social proof - “Halo Effect” - if you did one thing well, you can do others well.

| Area | Culture | Qualifications | Background |

Entry points to open up other communities to your specialization and varied types of expertise | Angles to explore and pathways to open up off of our specialties. Using that message to build an empire carved out in your shape. THE BOLD BLUEPRINT. Universal marketing message & metaphors to drive our points home.

Learn to pay attention and transfer info as needed.

Walking down a hallway where there are many doors you can open… different but still connected.

Beauty - Business - Babies - Branding - Background & how we connect all those things to our image. How that image reflects in our brand & operation of our business.

It is the exception for the idea to appear FULLY formed. It is more common to need to develop that idea - and you don’t need to develop it alone! It doesn’t take time to have a great idea or insight - it takes space.

Brain Dump | Mindset Reset

Video Series
Live sessions


- Interviewing is a form of professional development - learning, refining & etc for yourself as you validate ideas & expand them. Helps you to nail the path you want your initial blueprint to lead to. Large amount of content to distribute across multiple followings and avenues. Foundational activities that will serve you multiple ways. Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

What will you integrate, combine, connect the disciplines & perspectives that align so you can start doing things differently today…

Leveraging the information & insight you have and scaling it and the time required to execute it - sky scraping it even - so you have a greater reach for a larger group of people all at once.

Segmenting your lists to stay top of mind with people & build relationships as you stay in touch.

- Top 300 get sent personal emails - 3 people a day - 2x per month
- Top 100 personal cards - via Send out cards - periodically
- 1x per week - Face to Face meeting with someone in person

Dinner gatherings * 10 people

- Connective tissue games
- Speaking up & practicing engagement through communication
- Locations where everyone can meet

What would you fill your 3 circles with to help people get a better picture of you - like James Bond?
- Mom
- Business woman
- Beauty lover