How to present with confidence & establish your unique brand

Culture and community are the keys to building anything worthwhile…

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There’s much that you need to begin when trying to build a solid brand & it begins with vision.

Vision gives your immediate sight perspective. Perspective helps you adjust & adapt.
Only when you have perspective can you begin to move with precision & confidence towards your goal.

A great brand evolves from building a a good reputation.
— Abiodun A. Abiodun
  1. Start with Why: Perception, Purpose & Solving problems

    Developing vision is the most efficient way to begin building a unique brand. It helps you to
    address what we see, feel and how we want to make other feel with what we create & serve them with.

    Thing is our perception of what is needed from our brand can be distorted when compared to reality.

    This is where the purpose for your brand can help adjust your perceptions. When you are clear on what you want your brand to do (Influence, Teach, Inspire or Redefine the Rules) it is easier to keep your purpose & perception of things in alignment. That alignment helps you to keep your community in focus so you can serve them well & solve their problems for them.

    This is what SOOO many forget to consider when they start building…

2. Focus or Fold: Don’t keep your Eyes WIDE Shut

It’s real easy to get caught up focusing on the aesthetics side of building your brand… Colors, designs, logos - that’s all the shiny stuff that distracts us. Makes us feel like we’re accomplishing something lol. If you want to stay focused as a brand and not fold after spending all your money on fancy business cards, you need to consider the elements of a brand you may not realize you have missed.

So instead of color schemes think of your brand principles you want to run on.

The ideals you have on quality & service, your value ladder, production standards and etc.
For your brand to shine like a uniquely cut diamond, you have to pull all of these elements together seamlessly. No valuable diamond is ever graded without being measured up against a standard. Color, carat, cut & clarity... the best stones have all 4 elements addressed & command the most value. So do the best brands…

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3. Intention & Impact: It’s all related to what you do (& how you do it)

Intention & Impact are the 2 things that directly affect your placement & position in your industry. Yes everyone is everywhere (Hello Saturation my old friend…) and yet people are STILL making a unique impact as brands and making it their business to speak up & stand out.

They both affect you depending on your current stage of building.

Intention combined with real impact are what will help you to build structure as a brand as well as solid strategy. They also shift your precision when targeting, marketing or trying to communicate with your people. Setting an intention is great yet it’s the impact you make with consistency, quality
and structure that matters most to the people you want to help.

No matter what stage you’re at focus on keeping your reputation as a brand in tact.

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X Candace

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