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Many think that confidence is something you have or don’t.
You’ll hear things like, “Fake it til you make it” or “You just have to do it…”

It’s a good thing I’m here to set the record straight.

— Candace Sheppard

After 13 years of working with all types of multi-passionate creatives, I’ve learned a great deal about confidence. Without a doubt, it is best described as a muscle. Why a muscle? because you only build it by taking small consistent actions. The kind of actions that make you uncomfortable yet consistently bring massive growth.

Trusting yourself in any situation, especially new or uncomfortable ones, takes practice.

Thing is, we do this naturally when it comes to our creativity… we are always looking for new things to learn because it expands our creative muscle. The excitement of being a lifelong learner is NEVER going to bore us! What we have to learn though, is to be open to growing in uncomfortable places OUTSIDE of what comes natural to us. Outside of places like our creativity. Sounds scary because it’s unknown but I can promise you it’s the most satisfying thing to experience!

Below are 3 ways to shift to from courage to confidence (outside of your creativity):

1. Building your Self Awareness & Clarity

Getting crystal clear about how you sparkle, shine & show up is key. In order to “shine”, you have to be comfortable speaking up about who you are, who you’re not & what you’re capable of. Bringing all of who of you are to the table, unapologetically. Not just bringing all of who you are to your work creatively - because it feels safe in your creative zone. To grow, we must expand & take risks.

When you’re aware of your strengths - creativity, adaptation, flexibility & your weaknesses - follow through, focus & communication you can empower yourself to become better.

Having insight & clarity allows you to do something, choices make us feel more in control & boost confidence to take the action that suits or will help us best.

Not aware of your strengths & weaknesses? The action you can take to get clear, is to put yourself in new environments & or have new experience you can document or get feedback from. You can also chat with trusted friends, family members or old employers to get their insight on where you can improve or need a bit of polish.

Self awareness & clarity is important because it let’s you speak & stand for what you’re sure of about yourself; without hesitation. Not speaking up or hesitation is a sign of lack of clarity & needing to be rooted & grounded. Once you own you who you are, no one else ever can.

Check out the video below to understand more about how this information & insight can work against you OR for you…

2. Learning & then Testing what you Invested in
When we’re learning it’s easy to feel “accomplished” because we took some form of action. Yes you took action, a small comfortable one and that makes you feel like you’ve done something.

Remember though, real confidence is built by taking uncomfortable action.
The uncomfortable action is always testing what you invested in. You don’t know if you’ve truly learned something until you’re tested. If you’ve ever failed a test or a very important class, you get crystal clear
on how well you “know” what you began to try to learn.

Many are terrified to test anything they’ve learned because they don’t want to fail or lose. That is where the magic of building confidence is missed though! Self trust is boosted when you move through the test & pass! That also translates as a “little bit of polish” for you and your self image. When people see your confidence to try and they watch your results grow it gives them confidence in you too. Confidence is the willingness to try, regardless of the outcome. If you avoid testing what you’re doing, you’ll never accomplish what you long to.

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3. Defeat your defaults… aka your need to always be safe.

The greatest risk you can take is to focus on doing everything you can to stay safe. We naturally tend to default to what we’ve always done when it’s time to move to a new level. Staying safe is like tarnish on your image… your goal is to polish your image so your authority, credibility and value shine through! Safe is the riskiest place to ever be.

Any level of discomfort or fear we are hard wired to avoid or run from.
Never give in to it! There is no growth of progress in a place of comfort or safety.

So to defeat your defaults and make progress, you need self awareness. It’s SO important.

If you know you’re going to have to face a difficult task and you need accountability, guidance or any
set of circumstances to help you move, you can set yourself up ahead of time to win. Preparation needs to become the name of your game so you’re mentally equipped to get the physical win.

Sometimes you’ll be able to move through your blocks with ease, others you’ll need a model to help
support you. Much like a trusted parent or well designed “training” wheels made to support you in your independent learning. Seek to learn about what keeps you from moving forward and then do the work to
defeat it. Make it your business to beat yourself at your own game. Your confidence will skyrocket!

To learn more about building solid confidence as a multi-passionate creative, business owner, influencer or brand, join me for my next live masterclass!  Click here and sign up today. See you there!

Xx Candace

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