The number 1 thing you need if you want change in your creative business...

A shift in your Mindset...


And that's what we're discussing with on today's podcast with a powerhouse of a woman & creative artist by the name of Brikea Williams! She is a Beauty & wellness expert dedicated to her craft, to growth and to helping other women develop vision and change in and for themselves!

I've had the pleasure of training her for the past 5 months and within such she has gone on to not one but 3, yes 3, PAID brand ambassadorships, has worked diligently to create a wait-list of clientele vying to work with her and more within months of ever picking up a makeup brush. And she's just. getting. started!

You are in for a treat - be sure to listen and check her out online as she continues to grow!


Interested in achieving goals and obtaining results like my mentee Brikea?  click here!