The #1 Way to find your PERFECT Foundation Match

Here are the 4 words that will change the way you play in the Makeup game. TEST.  BEFORE.  YOU.  INVEST.

This is about as simple as it gets Diamond girl. If you want to find a perfect match you're going to have to put on your goggles and experiment. It won't be stressful if you go shopping for your perfect match with a Clarity & a Strategy. 

You've got to become clear and be the go to expert on you! That way you will have confidence when you
shop and you won't have to lean on the occasional counter "expert" that leaves you orange, red or worse... looking dead.
Side note: InStyle magazine hasn't deemed ashy & casket sharp a trend you need to try yet. 

Here's 3 simple steps to help you create a shopping strategy:

1. Know what your skin type is, what kind of finish you want and what coverage you need. 

- Write down if you have dryness or are extremely oily... even a combination of the two. Beauty brands are hip to what you need - they break down the formulas so you don't have to! Test a sample for yourself and then decide what you love. That's when you should commit to buying something, only when you love it. You don't have to get discouraged if the first one or two you try in store don't work! It's like shopping for the perfect shoe - it takes committed time ;) This is the main reason why you should never shop at the last minute...

2. The places you match a foundation to on your face are just as important as what color, finish & formula you choose!

- I always match on the jawline and down to the neck. Why? Because I'm applying a full face of makeup to my brides and beauty clients. I use highlighter to match the lighter areas of the face/body and contour to match the darker areas of the face/body. As an artist, I'm creating unity between all the tones. You may just be looking for something to match one part of your face - which may be the very thing throwing your color selecting off.

Choose a shade that is in the middle of what's light & dark on your face. It works if you blend very well. 

3. After choosing, always triple check your results in various types of light. Daylight being the best. Hands down.

- This keeps you from getting disappointed when you see it looks fantastic in the store and a haute mess outside. It makes sure the deceiving lighting isn't playing tricks on you.

*Bonus Tip* No one's face remains the same color year round. We all can benefit from updating the
shade we've chosen at least 2x per year. A winter color and summer shade!

If you're still struggling, it's time to invest in the help of a professional. I can help you with a personal shopping experience and bonus One on One lesson! For all of my diamond girls in or traveling to the greater New York area - you can book a session where I'll walk you through finding your perfect match! No stress, no being sold on products that don't work and no more overwhelm from trying to choose - just beautiful results every time!

X Candace