3 keys to making a powerful statement with your personal style...

No special words, colors or patterns are necessary. All you need to begin with is you.

Yes. All you need to begin with is you. Let's chat about why...

Everything that's well done is intentional. There must be form AND function.

Form & Function is in everything. Nothing we love or would consider great is created until the creator has decided what form they want it to take and what function it's going to serve. A great example? The iPhone. Need I say more?

The same applies to you and your style. Thoughtfulness is important when you present yourself. Great design translates what you want to say through the clothing you wear. The key is understanding what you want to say before you attempt to say it.

You should never begin with what others think or pressure you to do with clothing. You need to be clear about who you are, what you want and then you can dress accordingly.  Form is important because certain shapes will make you appear softer or more assertive and function is too cause what's the point of trying to be "summer ready " in the dead of winter. Exactly. lol. 

3 keys to making a statement without saying a word:

1. Consider who you are, what you want and who you are attempting to connect with. If it's in an interview - consider the culture surrounding the place you want to work at. Is it blue collar? Fashion savvy? Corporate? Don't stop there. Find out what's acceptable and then build. If it's corporate try a sophisticated color for a suit - like grey instead of everyone's basic black. If it's fashion savvy try a beautifully fitted suit in a cranberry or burgundy shade. You get me ;) 

2. Think about what you want to say about yourself. I come into a room and draw attention to myself without trying - I stand at almost 5'10". That's a whole lotta woman. lol. So I'm not going to come in dripping in diamonds, covered in magenta fur with rose petals falling behind me. No shade, that's just me. If you want that go for it - it's YOUR form and manner of function. The important thing is to be sure of the message you're trying to get across - then you can find the clothing to say it. 

3. By far the most important key is understanding that how you dress is not the only way to make a statement. Confidence is something you should wear as well. It doesn't come from clothing, it comes from knowing the more important message you're looking to spread. Your style should reflect the statements you want to make with your words & vice versa. Make your mark.

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X Candace