If it can't be used.... does it still have value?

That's the question I've set out to answer today beautiful one! I'm so glad you're here with me and cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this one. I encourage you to comment on the post with the following image on Instagram so we can keep the conversation going...

Next week is the big date for us all together and talk about elevating our artistry and our businesses! Thursday, June 29th, we're going to break it all down in my very first Double Feature Online Workshop! The best of beauty & business wrapped into one! 

Here's what you're going to learn:


Setting the face & under eye area to perfection so makeup lasts
How to customize Highlight, Concealer & Contour
The importance of being intentional about your placement, application and blending.


The importance of having automated systems, scripts & templates.
How having a tested system works to help you makes sales regularly.
How to communicate clearly and confidently in your consultations.

Check out the testimonials on the event page and get your early bird tickets now while you still can at the link below!

As always remember to value yourself, value your time and value your craft!

X Candace


The number 1 thing you need if you want change in your creative business...

A shift in your Mindset...


And that's what we're discussing with on today's podcast with a powerhouse of a woman & creative artist by the name of Brikea Williams! She is a Beauty & wellness expert dedicated to her craft, to growth and to helping other women develop vision and change in and for themselves!

I've had the pleasure of training her for the past 5 months and within such she has gone on to not one but 3, yes 3, PAID brand ambassadorships, has worked diligently to create a wait-list of clientele vying to work with her and more within months of ever picking up a makeup brush. And she's just. getting. started!

You are in for a treat - be sure to listen and check her out online as she continues to grow!


Interested in achieving goals and obtaining results like my mentee Brikea?  click here!

You create your value in business...
You create your value.jpg

Understanding your investments, Quality over Quantity, Consistency... just a few of the things that heat up and break down today's topic! 

Make sure you listen so you can find out where you stand when it comes to conveying your value so you can adjust and learn to price yourself appropriately.

X Candace


Find me here:

Podcast Episode 3 | Pricing is only an issue when your value isn't clear.

This is surely a hot topic for us creatives & entrepreneurs as it can definitely threaten your freedom & finances. If you're not clear on the value you personally have and the value you professionally bring, you won't be confident enough to charge or even raise your rates. 

It all comes down to Clarity. Once you;re clear, you'll become confident. Confidence is what helps you to build the faith to take the next step. Let's get to work!

Find me here!

Podcast Episode 1* | The key to getting ahead...


The first podcast dedicated to female creatives and entrepreneurs looking to move from "potential" to consistently elevating their performance.
Here, we're committed to clarity & consistency, not results. Come learn the art of owning your signature look, feel & sound. With style...

6138_web (1).jpg

Welcome to the first episode! The success I've had without a doubt comes from my level of self awareness. I'm striving to increase it regularly and hope you'l join me too. This podcast has been a long time coming considering I get so many questions about who I am and what I do - better yet, how I do it. That will come... for now welcome to my little corner of the web - I hope you'll stay a while. Be sure to listen, like and share!

X Candace

Check out the site to learn more about how things works around these parts. Get started by clicking here! 

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10 things I WISH I knew when I started a business...

It's simple. If you want to save yourself from making some crazy (& time consuming) mistakes listen in and then take action.


This month makes 12 years of me being an entrepreneur. I've established my name and the quality of my craft like never before and only wish to move to the next level. 2017 is the year to elevate and rise up I will. How about you? 

It's easy to keep plugging in what you've always done but staying in that place leaves you uneasy. You're left feeling restless and bored at the same time. Doing the same thing, getting the same results. Frustrated because you know you have something worthwhile to contribute and sad because you don't know how to build a platform for yourself to share.

Business is constantly changing because we constantly change. If you're not prepared to keep up in this marathon you're going to be in a great deal of pain and frustration. All because you're working hard & not seeing progress. Business is all about taking risks and betting on the odds. Risks are scary, what we're hard wired to avoid, with good reason! The thing is, you can learn from those whom have taken those risks and made the mistakes. I've done it, so you don't have to... 

 You can learn how to take calculated risks and to place the kind of bets that produce. You don't have to bet on others, you get to bet on yourself. The problem is why would you bet on yourself if you're not clear on who you are, what you want and how to go forward...? 

You will be able to take those risks and see results when you commit to enhancing your performance with clarity & accountability. 

If you're ready to get clear, take action and do the work to bolster your personal clarity and professional confidence, click the let's get started link below. We'll begin by establishing what is your next best step!

Let's get started...

X Candace

What does your business say about you...?
Behind the scenes 2.JPG

I'm quick to tell anyone that if they really want to get to "know" themselves, to start a business. lol. It will quickly show you that you're not as self aware as  you think...

It says more about you than you ever could say about yourself... with far fewer words and a LOT more action. Business is a reflection of where you are personally.

Finding it difficult to charge what you know you're worth or well beyond that? That's a reflection of your self esteem being low and in need of some work to improve. Avoiding dealing with your business finances? You have difficulty receiving... Letting your clients set prices and overrun your time? Yup. Says a lot too. I could go on and on but I won't. You get the picture.

Consider where you are at this point in your business and what you'd like to reflect down the line. When you arrive at what you want to change - adopt it for yourself personally, only then will it permeate your business and "go to work" for you.

Fastest way to do this? Begin by investing in Self Care and finding someone, like-minded, to keep you accountable. Accountability takes your progress and results to a new level. However, if you're ready to make lasting & consistent change - the kind that inspires others through transformation - you need a trainer. A trainer is not going to only help you decide what to do but is going to map out the plan to accomplish it and help you develop good form as you "exercise" new muscle. The muscles I work, are the most powerful. Those in your mind...

That is what I do - I can't help you train for abs and yet, I can help you develop the mental strength to accomplish whatever you set out to. Even abs. So yeah.... *** dust dirt off shoulder*** I'm cool like that. ;) Click here to get started on your new path to building Mental muscle, Clarity & Confidence through the Pretty Powerful E.D.G.E. Program!

Make. Your. Mark.
x Candace


2 things you need to get INSTANT results, personally & professionally!

The truth is that you need both... just not at the same time. One naturally hinges on the substance of the other. How do you become more clear and confident? You take action. 

The real question is where do you need to begin? Clarity. Without clarity there is no confidence - just the constant search for validation & acceptance from person to person, in relationships, from job to job. Don't believe me? Let's chat then...

Think of the times you've taken on a position at a new job. There's always some level of nerves or apprehension - especially if you're under review for your first 90 days. You show up not knowing what to expect and even though they train you, the moments when you're left alone leave you feeling out of place.

Let's fast forward now and consider when you've been on the job for a year. You've developed relationships with co workers, have leveled up to a new position and have even trained a few other employees to do what you once did.

That's the difference experience makes. The clearer you become on what's expected of you and what you need to do, the easier it is to transition to confidence. There's much less fear of messing up.

It's hard for us to step out and try something new when the old feels comfortable. 

That's where the magic is though... not in being comfortable or uncomfortable. It's in taking a chance and stepping out regardless of what you feel. There is where you learn what you're capable of and what you can push yourself through. That's the stuff that clarity is made of and what builds your confidence. 

It's in the "experience" that we become more and more comfortable with what once seemed impossible. You want results? Take action like you haven't done before so you can get clear. The more action you take, the more you learn about yourself, the more clear you will become. Freeing you to take action again...

This is what will make you confident in all you do personally & professionally! Lastly, it will get you results like you've never had before. Your goal should be to remain committed to enhancing your performance - not the results. You stay committed, you'll get the results you've been longing for. 

Ready to step into taking action and enhancing your performance like never before? I'm here to help you determine your next step. Click here to get started so you can develop systems and strategy necessary to help you build clarity & confidence!

X Candace

3 keys to making a powerful statement with your personal style...

No special words, colors or patterns are necessary. All you need to begin with is you.

Yes. All you need to begin with is you. Let's chat about why...

Everything that's well done is intentional. There must be form AND function.

Form & Function is in everything. Nothing we love or would consider great is created until the creator has decided what form they want it to take and what function it's going to serve. A great example? The iPhone. Need I say more?

The same applies to you and your style. Thoughtfulness is important when you present yourself. Great design translates what you want to say through the clothing you wear. The key is understanding what you want to say before you attempt to say it.

You should never begin with what others think or pressure you to do with clothing. You need to be clear about who you are, what you want and then you can dress accordingly.  Form is important because certain shapes will make you appear softer or more assertive and function is too cause what's the point of trying to be "summer ready " in the dead of winter. Exactly. lol. 

3 keys to making a statement without saying a word:

1. Consider who you are, what you want and who you are attempting to connect with. If it's in an interview - consider the culture surrounding the place you want to work at. Is it blue collar? Fashion savvy? Corporate? Don't stop there. Find out what's acceptable and then build. If it's corporate try a sophisticated color for a suit - like grey instead of everyone's basic black. If it's fashion savvy try a beautifully fitted suit in a cranberry or burgundy shade. You get me ;) 

2. Think about what you want to say about yourself. I come into a room and draw attention to myself without trying - I stand at almost 5'10". That's a whole lotta woman. lol. So I'm not going to come in dripping in diamonds, covered in magenta fur with rose petals falling behind me. No shade, that's just me. If you want that go for it - it's YOUR form and manner of function. The important thing is to be sure of the message you're trying to get across - then you can find the clothing to say it. 

3. By far the most important key is understanding that how you dress is not the only way to make a statement. Confidence is something you should wear as well. It doesn't come from clothing, it comes from knowing the more important message you're looking to spread. Your style should reflect the statements you want to make with your words & vice versa. Make your mark.

Need help transitioning your style to a powerful personal statement? I've got you covered. Click here to get started with making your mark!

X Candace

The #1 Way to find your PERFECT Foundation Match

Here are the 4 words that will change the way you play in the Makeup game. TEST.  BEFORE.  YOU.  INVEST.

This is about as simple as it gets Diamond girl. If you want to find a perfect match you're going to have to put on your goggles and experiment. It won't be stressful if you go shopping for your perfect match with a Clarity & a Strategy. 

You've got to become clear and be the go to expert on you! That way you will have confidence when you
shop and you won't have to lean on the occasional counter "expert" that leaves you orange, red or worse... looking dead.
Side note: InStyle magazine hasn't deemed ashy & casket sharp a trend you need to try yet. 

Here's 3 simple steps to help you create a shopping strategy:

1. Know what your skin type is, what kind of finish you want and what coverage you need. 

- Write down if you have dryness or are extremely oily... even a combination of the two. Beauty brands are hip to what you need - they break down the formulas so you don't have to! Test a sample for yourself and then decide what you love. That's when you should commit to buying something, only when you love it. You don't have to get discouraged if the first one or two you try in store don't work! It's like shopping for the perfect shoe - it takes committed time ;) This is the main reason why you should never shop at the last minute...

2. The places you match a foundation to on your face are just as important as what color, finish & formula you choose!

- I always match on the jawline and down to the neck. Why? Because I'm applying a full face of makeup to my brides and beauty clients. I use highlighter to match the lighter areas of the face/body and contour to match the darker areas of the face/body. As an artist, I'm creating unity between all the tones. You may just be looking for something to match one part of your face - which may be the very thing throwing your color selecting off.

Choose a shade that is in the middle of what's light & dark on your face. It works if you blend very well. 

3. After choosing, always triple check your results in various types of light. Daylight being the best. Hands down.

- This keeps you from getting disappointed when you see it looks fantastic in the store and a haute mess outside. It makes sure the deceiving lighting isn't playing tricks on you.

*Bonus Tip* No one's face remains the same color year round. We all can benefit from updating the
shade we've chosen at least 2x per year. A winter color and summer shade!

If you're still struggling, it's time to invest in the help of a professional. I can help you with a personal shopping experience and bonus One on One lesson! For all of my diamond girls in or traveling to the greater New York area - you can book a session where I'll walk you through finding your perfect match! No stress, no being sold on products that don't work and no more overwhelm from trying to choose - just beautiful results every time!

X Candace