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The story behind your new image and perspective begins here. It's not about what you see now, it's about
taking hold of what you see for yourself in the future. I'm here to help you create change personally & professionally.
How? By increasing your clarity, giving you strategy and helping you connect to others through your story.
Oh, and don't worry, I make you look GOOD while you do it.

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The "magic" I speak of has nothing to do with wands & wizards. Instead, it's got everything to do with
removing what's keeping you from making progress when you're trying to make a statement & communicate. 
What kind of statement you ask? One filled with a clear image of substance AND style.

After 12 years of being a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, I've learned a thing or two. Including but not limited to how to make you look good while you do what you do... Online, Off line and on camera.

How you & others see yourself affects everything... your self value, how you value time, money, relationships & even your craft.


 I teach about image, beauty, self awareness, creative business, enhancing your productivity & take you from working hard to working smart.

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Want to know more about Candace? See below!

  Photography by Itaysha Jordan Photo

Photography by Itaysha Jordan Photo

Candace Sheppard is known online as The Imaging artist and has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years. She is well known for her mastery of skills within the beauty industry and varied creative business fields. Her work has taken her to training & or working with but not limited to: Sam Fine, Mali Thomas, MTV, VH1, WeTv, New York Magazine/The Cut many times over.

Candace has built her business by teaching creatives to create through the clarity behind self awareness, strategies to elevate their performance and the art of teaching one how to share their story. Her goal is to help transform creatives so they can move from potential to achievement - Online, Offline & On camera.