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To get clear on who you are, you have to strip yourself of who you’re not.
That’s where my story begins… I didn’t find myself in this industry because it was a life
long dream, it was something I fell into. I fell in only because I had lost everything.

My first business, my health, my marriage & to be honest, parts of my desire to live.

The worst was losing my confidence.

I no longer wanted to try anything. I had a little girl to take care of & many days that
wasn’t enough to push me. Once I began to pull myself together, those days became 1 part of the momentum I found to change things more.

So, I made the decision to not end my story there & break the pattern.

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I started by asking God for the help to piece my life back together again. Getting my health
in order, using my fashion savvy to pull my look together (thank God I majored in Fashion design ha!)
then learning about beauty to polish my look in the simplest of ways.

I started trying again & it re-established the belief I once had in myself.

The belief came back because I won the battle of giving up on myself.
People took notice & compliments/questions started rolling in… “wow you look good”, “How did
you do that with your eye shadow?”, “Can you teach me?!?” The more I helped others the more
deeply they would share. Even their dreams to find their purpose & build a business…

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The requests made it clear that there was a need. Something my previous
business savvy clued me in to. A need my unique set of talent, skills & experience could fill.
All of that has lead me to you now.

The story behind your new image begins here…

It's not about what you see now but developing a vision for the future. Confidence is
simply the will to try & building confidence only comes from taking action. I'm here to help you
take action & create change; consistently, personally & professionally. 

Here are a few of the things I help creatives like you to do:

1. Transform you into a perfectly cut “Diamond of a brand” with a unique message.
2. Create a community you serve consistently with customized services & products you offer.
3. Polish the quality of your content on camera (& live) to elevate your social media platforms.
4. Get crystal clear on your value & pricing based on your experience, talent & skill set.
5. Teach you to communicate clearly to your target clients online, verbally & visually.

*Elevate your personal style, signature beauty look & presence… online, off line & on camera*

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Official Bio

Candace Sheppard is known online as The Imaging artist
and has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years.

Creator of Confidence that Converts, Candace teaches
creatives to create with clarity, systems & strategies to elevate their craft, visibility & overall image.

She is well known for her skills as an educator, speaker, video
content creator, beauty expert and consultant. She’s worked with professional productions at: MTV, VH1, WeTv, New York Magazine |The Cut as well as with private clients from all over the world.
Her goal is to help transform creatives so they can move from
confused to confident; Online, Offline & On camera.