Candace Sheppard

The Imaging Artist

Painting the most beautiful Image you’ve seen… yours.

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Step 1: Polish your unique Image

Learning to creatively use your unique Image helps you make products & services that sell themselves. If your image doesn't connect with what you create, it won't make sense... or dollars either. When you polish it & align it with your passions, skills, personality & background it let’s you to show up & shine in business confidently.


Step 2: Package your skills for Impact

The way you package your skills, experiences, passions & values determines your impact on your clients & community. After making your unique mark, you can elevate from using basic strategies to business building sequences.


Step 3: Present offers confidently for Income

Presentation is everything, just like your Image is everything to your brand. It helps you as a creative & biz owner to establish credibility, value and authority. You can use this new found authority with your C.O.R.E. people to scale your impact & income with confidence.


Combining these 3 steps reinforces the foundation you’ve built your business on. The foundation that’s key to helping you scale to your next level. How? Through the 5CDM Method which creatively carves out what makes your Image unique amongst others in your industry.

Creatively combining your passions, skills, expertise & background with your values produces your Red Diamond offer. The 5CDM method is designed to help you unlearn what no longer works as you build business & community to the next level.

If you want better results, you need new capabilities.

I help you uncover what’s unique about your image, communicate with clarity & convert with confidence as a creative in business. That’s how I scaled from the time money trade to a 5 figure launch in a week & more.

Watch my masterclass to see how below.


- Atima Lui, Founder & CEO of My Nudest.png
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Candace Sheppard

Hey there creative one! It’s Candace here. My business is designed as a resource for multi-passionate creatives & entrepreneurs to elevate their influence in business. I’m the creator of Confidence that Converts an 8 week experiential learning program designed to teach creatives to create Impact & Income out of their unique Image in business. Not just to create impact online but also offline & especially on camera.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for the last 13 years and can’t wait to see how the next 13 continue to unfold by God’s grace. That’s where my story ends for now & where the story behind your new image begins. It's not about what you see now but developing a vision for the future. Confidence is simply the will to try & building confidence only comes from taking action. I'm here to help you take action & create change consistently; personally & professionally.